(for solid front axles)

Our Boulder Proof steering kit is the strongest steering kit out there! For the tie rod we use extra heavy 1.5" O.D. .344" wall DOM tubing! That's 37% thicker than the standard .250" wall "heavy duty" kits out there. The drag link uses .250" wall tube to keep overall weight down. To compliment the strength of the DOM we use EMF tie rod ends with machined in studs. They are the best TRE's on the market and are fully rebuild-able. The tie rod is adjustable in length from 55.5"-57.25". The drag link length is adjustable from 39.25" - 41". Comes powdercoated BLACK using our 4 stage powder coat process. Knuckles and pitman arm must be drilled out to .75". Heavy duty pitman arm is recommended. Always verify lengths before you order. Custom lengths are available for a $45 charge. Intended for OFF ROAD USE ONLY!

Price: $675

RedHead has long been known as the best Steering Gear builders in the business. We are proud to offer their great gears for the 80-96 Bronco and F-Series trucks. These are fully rebuilt and bench tested with the highest quality and tolerances. You know we sell only high quality parts for the Bronco and the RedHead gears fit that bill. Whether you are building a hard core off road Bronco or just need a fresh and tight steering box, these are the best available. We are also offering them in a ported version for those who currently run or are thinking of running hydraulic steering assist. These are professionally and correctly ported by RedHead so you know it's done right. The "head" on the steering gears we offer have our signature white paint so you know it's a quality Broncoair/Redhead unit. Note: there is a $100 core charge. Please send your old steering box directly to RedHead in the box the new gear came in. Be sure to drain the old box of all fluid and put it in a plastic bag to avoid any residual fluid from seeping out. When RedHead receives your old box and inspects it for unrepairable damage, your $100 will be refunded (assuming not unrepairable damage). Shipping is now $70 as the return shipping for your old gear box return to Redhead is pre-paid.

Price: $260 + $100 core

Ford Bronco, F-150, F-250 and F-350 heavy duty telescopic steel steering shaft. Connects from factory column to steering box. Includes one billet universal joint and vibration reducer universal joint