The Stage III kit is the ultimate Dana 60 SAS kit. It is designed for use with coilover shocks which allow for almost limitless tuning and adjusting of the suspension. It can be adjusted for a softer or firmer ride. It can also be adjusted for height. Height adjustment is made by raising or lowering the Adjustable Coilover Towers or by raising or lowering the adjuster nut on the coilover shock. So you can easily fine tune the ride and height for your exact needs. There is also built in Caster adjustment just as with the Stage I and Stage II kits.

The kit comes with everything in the Stage I kit (minus coil seats) plus the following: Bilstein 8125 Coilover shocks, 4 Eibach coil springs, Adjustable Coilover Towers, Bilstein hydraulic bump stops, Bump Stop Brackets, Extended brake lines, Brake Line Brackets, Adjustable Limit Straps and all mounting hardware. The kit is all bolt on designed specifically for the full size Bronco. There is no cutting or welding required except to remove some factory brackets from the Dana 60. As with the Stage I and Stage II kits, this kit is compatible with Ford Dana 60 front axles from the mid-80’s to mid/late 90’s. It will not work on the 78-79 Ford Dana 60’s. Either the king pin or ball joint axles can be used. Comes standard with our 4 Stage BLACK powder coating for ultimate corrosion protection. Click here for more detailed information.

These kits are built to order and ship ground freight. Please email us for a lead time and freight quote.

Price: $6395