Saginaw Power Steering Serpentine V-Belt Combo Pulley

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This is a combination Serpentine/V-Belt pulley designed for the Saginaw power steering pumps. It is identical to our other combination pulley except for a larger bore to fit the Saginaw pump shaft. These serpentine pulleys are precision CNC machined from one-piece aluminum for a perfect press on fit. Save yourself time, money and frustration because you will not find another serpentine v-belt pulley anywhere else.

If you have been looking for a way to run your accessories off your Ford engine this is a must have. With this combination serpentine v-belt pulley you can run another alternator, hydraulic pump, air compressor, air conditioning (AC) unit and more. These serpentine v-belt pulleys accept a standard 6-groove serpentine belt and standard 1/2" v-belt. Each pulley is also anodized to prevent rust. Every part is CNC machined for a perfect fit. Fits many makes & models.