DANA 60 Solid Axle Swap Kits

SAS Kit options

Our DANA 60 Solid Axle Swap (SAS) Kits are very user friendly, bolt on, upgradeable and able to use multiple different axles, shocks, coils and coilovers. There are three stages of this kit; Stage I, Stage II and Stage III. Stages I and II are easily upgraded, while Stage III is the ultimate kit.

Stage I SAS kit

The Stage I kit is designed to be the economical version without any bells and whistles. It consists of axle brackets, radius arms, radius arm brackets, track bar bracket, track bar, coil mount cups, high quality EMF rod ends, and all necessary grade 8 mounting hardware. The Stage I kit is for those who already have a 4" or 6" suspension lift. Our 4-stage powder coat is optional but highly recommended.


Stage II SAS kit

The Stage II kit consists of everything mentioned above as well as coil springs, two Bilstein 5100 Series shocks, shock adapter brackets (for top eyelet style shocks), extended brake lines and all grade 8 mounting hardware. Our 4-stage powder coating is optional but highly recommended

Stage III SAS kit

The Stage III kit will consist of everything mentioned in the Stage II kit as well as, Bilstein 8125 Series dual rate Coilover shocks, upper Coilover tower, coil springs, extended brake lines, Bilstein 9100 Series Hydraulic bump stops, Bump Stop Brackets, limit straps with hardare and all grade 8 mounting hardware.


Here is the nitty gritty on the kit. It is designed as a direct bolt on application for the 80-96 Bronco and F150. No cutting, welding or measuring is required except for cutting off factory radius arm brackets from the truck frame and the Dana 60 axle. It is designed to work with the mid-80's to mid-late 90's Ford Dana 60 axles, both the king pin and ball joint versions. The 78-79 Dana 60's and the 98 and newer Dana 60's are not compatible with this kit. It is a complete bolt on kit with only minimal drilling required. The only holes that need to be drilled are three easily drilled holes in the side frame rail for the radius arm brackets, and one existing hole for the track bar bracket that simply needs to be drilled out larger. There is no welding required. 

Designed with all measuring built-in to the hole locations for easy, measurement free installation (alignment is required). The kit will work with both versions of coil springs (80-96 or 78-79). Adjustability is fully built in with the ability to have the axle positioned anywhere from 1-3" forward of stock. Caster adjustability is also built in. The caster can be adjusted +/- 4 degrees with optional adjustment parts. There are two areas of adjustment both with 2 degrees of adjustment either way. It can be adjusted at the axle spring perch with caster adjusting shims or at the radius arms with caster adjusting "picture frame" pieces. Most of the time adjustment will not be necessary.

The radius arms are a boxed style arm built with all 1/4" steel with interior cross hatched style gussets. They are pure beef and simply can not be broken! 

The radius arms have a tight inward bend to accommodate large tires and they have a high clearance profile to avoid rocks and debris. They mount up high on the sides of the frame rails so there are no brackets hanging down to get caught on obstacles. The radius arm brackets are designed to allow the continued use of the stock 92-96 transmission cross member. No modifications are necessary.

The axle brackets are fully bolt on (after removing factory brackets from the axle) and designed for use with multiple shock and coil options in mind. They have a high clearance design which allows them to only hang down about 1-1/2" from the bottom of the axle.

The bottom of the axle brackets have a smooth catch free design to easily slide over any rocks or other obstacles without getting hung up. The passenger side bracket has the axle side track bar mount integrated into the bracket with the option for two different mounting points. This allows you to have two options to get the most desirable angle out of the track bar for proper geometry with the steering.

On top of the axle brackets sit our custom designed coil seats. They can be used with the pig tail style 80-96 coils or the standard round coil of the 78-79 trucks. Three holes in the seat allow you to position the coil in two different positions to allow the axle to be moved 1-3" forward of stock without having to modify the stock coil tower.

Like everything else, the track bar bracket is a direct bolt on install, no cutting, welding or measuring required. Only one existing hole needs to be drilled out to 1/2".

Many of the kit pieces are for sale individually on our site, such as the track bar bracket and track bar. Other parts can be ordered separately but may not be listed as such on our site. We also offer a Boulder Proof DOM steering kit that is an excellent upgrade from the stock Dana 60 steering.

We've spent hundreds of hours and tons of money designing a very user friendly kit that is very easy to install while also offering great performance. However, it is suggested that this kit be installed by a professional shop with the expertise and heavy equipment available to install it properly and safely. Serious injury or death can occur when working on such critical and heavy components.

Please contact us with any questions.