Introducing our Xtreme Duty rear bumper for the 80-96 Ford Bronco. It is virtually identical to our 80-96 rear bumper except it is designed slightly wider so it is a perfect fit the larger body of the 78-79 Bronco This bumper is constructed from 3/16' steel with 3/8' frame bracketry. The bumper is a perfect match with our Xtreme Duty front winch bumper. This rear bumper features improved departure angles at all points, including the center even with the optional receiver hitch. Incorporated into the design is the same wrap around style of the stock bumper which offers rear quarter panel protection. The underside of the ends are designed to allow rocks and obstacles to slide under the bumper instead of into your quarter panel. It is made for real off-road use and is built to handle whatever you can throw at it. Included in the base model bumper are two light holes for license plate lights, two license plate lights, pre-drilled and tapped holes for mounting the license plate, 3/8" mounting brackets, two heavy duty clevis mounts, and all necessary mounting hardware. The receiver hitch, swing away tire carrier, and powder coating are options.


This swing away tire carrier is built for real world use. Nothing was left out with this carrier. Capable of handling up to a 37" tire, it uses a heavy duty spindle and bearing system for superior strength at the pivot point. This also comes with a very heavy duty latch that will not come loose even on the toughest trail. In addition to the latch, the tire carrier has a safety pin that automatically locks the tire carrier in the closed and open position, incase you forget to use the latch or leave it open. Included with the tire carrier is a mounting system for your High-Lift Jack that allows you to secure it tightly to avoid rattles. This optional tire carrier comes standard with all brackets, hardware, bearings, seals, latches etc. It also comes with the mentioned High-Lift mount, CB antenna mounting tab and adjustable tire carrier mounting bracket.