Bump Stop Brackets (pair)

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These bump stop brackets are a must for serious off road use. The factory bump stops are usually either inadequate or have been removed. Not running bump stops can cause the suspension to bottom out on the frame and cause significant damage to axles, frames or suspension components. Not to mention your teeth.

These bolt on brackets will work on virtually any vehicle. However they are designed specifically to mount on the Ford Bronco frames to the rear of the coil/shock tower. These can be used with a stock tower or our Adjustable Coilover Towers. Intended to be mounted above the radius arm so the radius arm contacts the bump stop helping soften hard impacts and protect suspension components. They are adjustable to fine tune the vertical position of the bump based on your suspension setup and bump stop length. They work with any standard 2" hydraulic bump stop. Or they can be setup with standard poly/rubber stops for a more economical setup using readily available adapters. You can order them with or without the Bilstein hydraulic bump stops. Comes with installation instructions, all grade 8 mounting hardware and powder coated BLACK using our 4 stage powder coat process.