Adjustable Coilover Towers

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These Adjustable Coilover Towers (sold as a pair) are the ultimate in design and function. Constructed from all .25" steel, these brackets make it easy to install coilover shocks on the front of the 78-96 Bronco. They are fully adjustable in two directions. They can be "clocked" backward to mount at any angle between 0 and 15 degrees. They also have 6" of height adjustability so you can fine tune the height of your ride. If you ever change your mind on ride height, you can easily adjust it again in the future. They are designed to line up with two of the existing holes in your frame, for easy, no measuring required installation. Once you determine what angle you want them mounted, you simply mark and drill two new holes and secure it with the hardware provided. There are holes in the top and face of the tower for easily bolting on accessories such as an auxiliary shock mount, limit straps or an engine hoop for added strength. They also come with stout, welded on clamps to mount your 2.5" shock reservoir.

Note: 78-79 Bronco installations may require all four mounting holes to be drilled. Comes with installation instructions, all grade 8 mounting hardware and powder coated BLACK using our 4 stage powder coat process.