York Air Compressor Kit

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Want to be able to run your air tools on the trail or air-up your 40" tires without it taking 15 minutes per tire? Put a York air compressor under the hood and hit the road. You will be able to fill 40" tires from 0psi to 30psi in two minutes. Run your 1/2" impact gun no problem for easy on-trail repairs. Kits include mounting bracket, aftermarket P/S pulley with v-belt, v-belt, and all necessary mounting hardware.

Ford used two different size mounting bolts for the stock AC compressor. When ordering be sure to order the correct size for your vehicle. To check which size you have, take a 10mm or a 13mm socket and see which socket fits the bolt heads. If the 10mm socket fits, you have 8mm bolts. If the 13mm socket fits, you have 10mm bolts. Be sure to order the correct kit in the options menu.

Every part is CNC machined for a perfect fit. Designed to work on the '87 - '96 5.0L and 5.8L engines.

The On Board Air kits are designed for York 210, 209 and 206 model compressors. They are designed to work with the most common double V-groove pulley, 6" diameter, 1.687 - 2.250" backspacing. For more information on York compressors look through the York Service Manual.