Serpentine V-Belt Pulley

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This is a Ford power steering pump Serpentine pulley with v-belt groove. It is designed for the Ford Bronco F150, F250 & F350 power steering pumps but will fit other Ford pumps as well as some Jeep pumps and perhaps other makes and models.

These serpentine pulleys are precision CNC machined from one-piece aluminum for a perfect press on fit. Save yourself time, money and frustration because you will not find another serpentine v-belt pulley anywhere else. If you have been looking for a way to run your accessories off your Ford engine this is a must have.

With this combination serpentine v-belt pulley you can run another alternator, hydraulic pump, air compressor, air conditioning (AC) unit and more. These serpentine v-belt pulleys accept a standard 6 groove serpentine belt and standard 1/2" v-belt. Each pulley is also anodized to prevent rust. Every part is CNC machined for a perfect fit. Fits many makes & models. The Serpentine V-Belt power steering pulleys are designed for Bronco, F150, F250, F350.