Dual Battery Kit

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We regret to inform you that the kits for the 92-96 Bronco are currently no longer available.  Kits for the 78-79, 80-86 and 87-91 are currently available but have very limited stock.  Once stock is out these will no longer be available.  The 66-77 Bronco kits are still readily available.  We are working with the vendor to try to come up with a solution to continue offering these.  Our apologies for the bad news.  We will update this in the future with any new information.

These dual battery kits are a full featured, very high quality kit designed for all generations of Ford Broncos and F-Series trucks. They allow for the installation of dual group 65 or Optima style batteries in place of the single battery tray. It is all inclusive with the highest quality brackets and wiring.

Wrangler Power has a long history of being the best in quality power management systems. The wiring and battery manager switch allows you to start the vehicle with only the main battery, or switch to dual battery for extra starting power should the main battery be weak. It further allows isolation of the two batteries should one be bad. Yet it also charges both batteries when the truck is running. The kit includes a dual battery tray kit, high quality 200AMP isolation relay and cable kit and battery manager switch assembly.