Broncoair coils springs are specifically designed for the Solid Axle Swap crowd as well as the 78-79 Bronco guys. Depending on the exact weight of the frong end of your truck, they offer 4" or 6" of lift over stock coil height for the 80-96 Broncos running solid axles. For you 78-79 Bronco guys, these coils will yield 3" or 5" over stock. At 300lb/in they are great for achieving the best flex possible with your SAS. The bottom coil seat has the 78-79 Ford design so it can be easily used in any Dana 44 or Dana 60 swap.

The un-loaded (free length) of our 4" coil is 19.75". The free length of the 6" coil is 21.75". Depending on the corner sprung weight of your truck (corner weight minus suspension, axle, tires and wheels) you can determine what your EXACT compressed spring height would be. For most Broncos you will get a compressed spring height of ~16" or ~18" respectively. Come powdercoated Black using our 4 stage powder coat process.

Price: $225/pair